Jubilee Memorial Window

This article was based on material written by a member who was active at the time the new window was installed.

As the Jubilee year approached, a separate fund was created just for the Window, and many of the donations were given as memorials. One of our members located some information concerning the symbolism of the window. Its themes were used as the basis for a spiritual study that was part of the Adult Education program under Pastor Ray Scott in 1985-86. Most of the material in the following paragraph is from that source. When we try to remember what the window looks like, the first thing that comes to mind is the cross. There are also symbols such as a dove, halo effect around the cross, flames, radiating spokes, and vivid colors. Each symbol represents a key element in our Christian Faith. The centrality of the cross represents the vital importance of Christ in our lives – themes of Salvation, Resurrection, Eternal Life. The vertical and horizontal poles of the Cross stand for man’s relationship with God – the imminence and transcendence. The descending dove reminds us of the stories in the Bible when a dove acts as a messenger from God. Think of Jesus’ baptism and the dove returning to Noah’s Ark with a green twig. Today, it stands for the Holy Spirit and is also a symbol of peace. Concentric circles of color around the cross stand for the rainbow of promise and the spread of God’s promise in ever-widening circles. The flames may be thought of as a representation of the burning bush through which God spoke to Moses. In the New Testament, it became the tongues of fire on Pentecost. Even the most dominant colors have meaning; purple stands for royalty, kingship; blue stands for truth. Less obvious, but also important, are the radiating spokes leading to the cross. “The Twelve Paths of Discipleship” lead to the Cross and radiate outward from it. These represent our own spiritual journey; we bring our fragmented lives to Him and become whole; our many-faceted lives become One, purified in His Love; renewed, strengthened, and inspired, we are sent out again to continue Christ’s mission in the world.