Rev. Sharon Carter

Today I write as your new Transitional Pastor! A transitional pastor is an updated name for “Interim Pastor”, as you have had in the past when between installed pastors. Transitional pastors, by their very name, are short-term pastors who serve churches in the time between the longer-term installed pastors. Our call is to encourage, provide presence and continuity, help discern new pathways, and walk alongside the church as the PNC does its work.

          A little about me: I grew up in upper east Tennessee met and married my spouse in Tennessee, had 2 kids and have lived in Knoxville, Atlanta and Louisville. My husband, Jeff, and I moved here in 2014 after I became the installed pastor of Community of Faith Presbyterian Church (I commuted as a temporary supply pastor for 9 months prior to that.) My kids are now grown and live in Knoxville and Charleston, SC, and Jeff and I are cat parents to Stella and Malbec.

          I am an ordained minister in the PCUSA since 2001, a graduate of Louisville Seminary and have served in various positions including several transitional/ interim positions. In the late 2000s I was a board member of APIMS, a Presbyterian organization of Interim Ministers. For the last 10 years I have served Community of Faith Presbyterian Church in northern Kentucky as solo pastor. Community of Faith and I had a great relationship, but after 10 years I felt the need for something new and resigned as of the end of September of this year.

          It is fitting to me that I am making yet another change in October—perhaps my favorite month of the year. I am person that enjoys the change of seasons, and fall is so beautiful and makes such a refreshing change from the hot summer months. It is also a time of change in community life—children are back in school, football season is in full swing, and people are looking ahead to the holiday months. In church life, choirs are back together, fall festivals are happening, and stewardship campaigns are often up and running. Ordinary time is drawing to a close and Advent and Christmas are just around the corner.

Meantime, I will walk with you all through this next section of your journey as the body of Christ in the world. Please stop by the office and say hello (M-W 10-noon, or other times by appointment) or let’s meet up for coffee or a sandwich.  I hope to see you soon!  

Transitional Pastor: Rev. Sharon Carter

Transitional Pastor: Rev. Sharon Carter